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Teaching essential skills to engage with schools

Teaching essential skills to engage with schools

Schools Work Training Days – learn essential skills to engage with schools

Brighton and Hove City Mission is passionate about training and equipping the Church to reach the community around us. In collaboration with the Diocese of Chichester’s Education Team City Mission has developed a series of Schools Work Training Days.

Schools Work Training Days are one area in which City Mission are keen to serve the church says its director, Julian Haddow. “Our Schools Work Training Days are now underway, and a good cross section of our target audience attended the first day with the theme of: How? What? Why? Part-time, full-time, and voluntary schools workers and clergy all discussed and thought about the many aspects of education, children’s development, and being prepared for schools work.

“The second training day in November was on: Going Deeper, and informs how to let schools know what you do and gain more confidence and knowledge, leaving workers with more tools to engage with schools.

“If you’ve missed out on any of these training days then why not book your children, youth or family workers in for the next series of 4 days."

Feb 9th How? What? Why? 

March 9th Going Deeper 

May 11th Sharing You Message

June 29th Developing Your Work

For more information please contact schools@BHCM.org.uk

The next training day is on 'Sharing Your Message' - engage in and improve your art of storytelling. Book your place on our next training day on 8th December here - http://www.bhcm.org.uk/training/schoolswork-booking-form