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Diocese of Chichester marks ministry of Archdeacon Philip

Diocese of Chichester marks ministry of Archdeacon Philip

Over 300 colleagues, family and friends gathered at a special Choral Evensong service held to mark the retirement of the Archdeacon of Hastings, the Venerable Philip Jones, after eleven years of faithful service.

Bishop Martin gave thanks for Archdeacon Philip's ministry and for all he has contributed to the life of the Diocese. 

After he paid tribute to Philip’s many qualities, and the supporting role of that of his wife Ann, he announced that the Archdeacon is to be Archdeacon Emeritus.

The award of the honorary title is seen as a recognition of Mr Jones' stalwart work in the post from which he officially stepped down on 31 January 2016.

The award means that he will retain the official title of "Archdeacon" and can use the term "Venerable" , which is the traditional form of written address for those serving as archdeacons.

"Those are small things but the award is huge to us because it comes quite simply as a mark of the respect and deep gratitude we have for Philip. He and his family have all of our prayers as he moves to serve the the people of Slindon, Eartham and Madehurst," said Dr Warner.

The service took place during Choral Evensong at St John’s Church, Upper St Leonard’s church.

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