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Money Matters

Church House - here to help

If you haven't seen the latest Growing Local Church Income booklet (last revised in January 2014) do have a look. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

We’re here to help. Why not contact John Kemp (01273 425797) or john.kemp@chichester.anglican.org


ALERT: There are increasing reports of parishes being approached by energy suppliers with misleading information about possible savings. If you have any concerns, try contacting the Church of England's Parish Buying team on 0800 368 0887. If your PCC did not use the Parish Buying website to sign up for a contract, you may be assured that contact by a person claiming to be from them is not legitimate.

Latest News

NEW: a 'proportional giving worksheet' has been designed to help individuals assess their level of giving to the local church. To access a printable version of it, click or tap here.

There are four initiatives that may affect your local church financially:

  1. Giving for Life: resources for "Continuing the Journey" were mailed to all PCC Secretaries in January. If you would like to see the resources online here's a link.
  2. Parish Dashboards: each parish contact registered on the 'parish returns' system received an email with a PDF entitled 'parish dashboard'. One of these has been prepared for every parish in the Church of England. See a sample here.
  3. Workshops: we ran a couple of Parish Income workshops - details below.
  4. Parish Giving Scheme: there are some changes afoot relating to how money is remitted to parishes and all registered parishes will have seen a letter from the PGS explaining this.

Some useful information to be found elsewhere on our website:

Funding church building projects - click here

Latest Parish Giving Scheme information - click here

A money toolkit for parish use - click here

Gift Aid - click here

Wills / legacies - click here

More detail on how finance works at a local, regional and national level in the Church of England - click here

Boosting Church Income

The workshops took place to share ideas about boosting local church income.  Full details here.

The Parish Giving Scheme

PGS is proving a real boon to parishes in this Diocese. Follow this link to read more.

If your church hasn’t signed up for PGS, for more information why not contact John Kemp (01273 425797) or john.kemp@chichester.anglican.org

Does the Treasurer have to do the asking as well?

Why not appoint someone outgoing and energetic to be your church's Giving Officer? Often Treasurers are expected to fulfil this role - but a different set of skills is needed. For a job spec, click here.

Opportunities to save money via Parish Buying

Local churches can usually save money by procuring their supplies carefully. But what if thousands of churches across the land combined their buying power?

That's exactly what Parish Buying is all about. Click or tap here to see their website.

The categories of supply include energy, photocopying, office products, software, fire safety equipment and other church supplies and consumables like candles and wafers.

Over 4,500 users are now registered with the Parish Buying service. If you're not yet one of them, you can register at www.parishbuying.org.uk  and access competitive prices from approved suppliers.

Giving and 'making contact' envelopes

Envelopes are still a popular way of collecting money into the local church, but if you want to be sure of getting Gift Aid on donations then they need to carry the correct wording as specified by HMRC..

Furthermore, we suggest that a large envelope, well designed, will invite a 'realistic' donation. If they're the only bit of literature left lying around in your church pews, why not make them doubly useful and have them serve as a contact form as well?

There's a model for a DL-sized envelope which you can link to by clicking here. It doubles as a contact form for newcomers or visitors.

For more general guidance on Gift Aid (including links to national resources), click here.

Digital and Contactless Giving

Digital channels of giving are becoming more important - not just because of convenience and efficiency but also because they represent the world which future congregations inhabit. For guidance, click or tap here

For more details on the latest contracts negotiated by the Church with various suppliers, please click here: https://www.parishbuying.org.uk/categories/contactless-donations

For any other advice on giving campaigns and resources for your parish contact John Kemp (01273 425797) or john.kemp@chichester.anglican.org


Parish Giving Scheme

Click here

Speak to somebody

At Church House we have some full-time employees, some part-time employees and some external consultants. Our aim is to provide a good service level to parishes while keeping costs down.

If you have a question about diocesan finance or the legal frameworks under which parishes and the diocese operate, please call our Finance Team on 01273 425798.

If your question is about improving income or reducing costs, call John Kemp on 01273 425797.

We welcome telephone calls and can usually put you through to the right person or ask them to call you back. Our switchboard number is 01273 421021.