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Minority Ethnic Awareness

The Diocese of Chichester celebrates the diversity found in its parishes, schools and congregations, and the contribution of this diversity to the life of their communities and churches. It seeks to harness the God-given gifts evident in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic Christian Church in England, ensuring that all parts of the Body of Christ are involved in the mission of the church.

The Minority Ethnic Awareness Group (MEAG) seeks to encourage and engage participation from the Church’s Minority Ethnic Anglicans at every level in our parishes. It is the primary point of contact in the diocese for advice and resources regarding ethnic differences, marginalisation, advocacy and racial justice.

MEAG seeks to offer mutual support, encourage change and diversity, and affirm action in the Diocese towards people from ethnic minorities backgrounds and look at ways to help nurture and encourage potential leaders. It also seeks to help those who struggle to feel part of the church.

Please contact us to share your views, comments, interests, and experiences.

Contact us care of cis@chichester.anglican.org

You can download and view a copy of  Everyday People - Minority Ethnic Vocations. Click here

Diocesan Link Persons

Chichester Diocese has two joint DLPs - Mrs Martha Weatherill and the Rev Imtiaz Trask.

A Diocesan Link Person (DLP) has a key role in a diocese’s ability to effectively address Minority Ethnic Anglican issues. Appointed by the Diocesan Bishop, in consultation with the National CMEAC Adviser, a DLP is expected to serve for a five-year term, during which s/he will attend regular meetings nationally and regionally and work to represent CMEAC’s aims and objectives locally. To the best of her/his ability, a DLP’s presence and action should ensure that minority ethnic issues have a high profile in the life of the diocese.

Role of DLPs

To promote recommendations from CMEAC and highlight minority ethnic issues which arise, or which ought to arise in the diocese

To raise the profile of Minority Ethnic Anglican people in the diocese

To be the link between the CMEAC national office and the diocese

To educate and encourage Minority Ethnic Anglicans to become involved at all levels of the Church

To help promote and share good practice

To build links with other regional organizations striving for racial justice

The Rev Imtiaz Trask

Revd Imtiaz is an assistant curate and has also worked with the London city mission. He travels throughout the UK,  preaching and encouraging the church to pray and engage with those who experience discrimination and are marginalised for their faith. He regularly travels to one of the nations where the Christian community is marginalised for their faith.

Mrs Martha Weatherill

Martha is originally from Nigeria and has lived in the UK for over 18 years. Martha received her MSc (2002) and MPhil (2005) at Kings College, London. Martha passionately believes that Church is for everyone and we are all called to transform the world in which we live in. You can read more about Martha's journey in Everyday Lives - Minority Ethnic Vocations.