Diocese of Chichester

Diocesan Harvest Appeal and Lambeth 2020

The Chichester Diocesan Harvest Appeal has run successfully for many years and made a difference in the lives of many communities throughout our Companion Link Dioceses in East and West Africa. However, we have decided not to run an official Harvest Appeal this year as we are in the process of reviewing our operating processes so that we can be sure we are running things in the best and most efficiente way

This decision does not affect those parishes that directly support projects in our Companion Dioceses. They should continue to do so directly. However, parishes that do usually support the Harvest Appeal, might like to support the Diocese in our hospitality initiative as Bishops from our Companion Dioceses will be visiting our Diocese pre-Lambeth 2020. We will be sending out an action list of the help required shortly. It will include such things as looking for volunteers to meet our guests at Gatwick Airport, transport and help with logistics and hospitality throughout the visit.

Please do share this with church officers in your parish.

The Revd Christine Keyte

Overseas Companion Links Officer and Vicar of All Saints' Church Crawley Down

Diocesan Harvest Appeal 2018 - “Rebuilding Lives: Faithful in Action”

Thank you for your support of the 2018 Diocesan Harvest Appeal!

We are so grateful to all our parishes and schools who supported our 2017 & 2018 Harvest Appeals. Your giving enabled us to fund a number of projects in Freetown, Sierra Leone, severely affected by the Ebola outbreak. Thousands died but the Diocese of Freetown is now committed to providing vocational training for women and men and Day Care facilities so that their children may receive care while they train, learn a trade and continue to rebuild their lives.

In Kenya, we continue to fund the training of Evangelists and ordinands. Chichester has also helped fund the creation of a Farming Field School in Kericho diocese. This project helped hundreds of rural families to survive the recent droughts thanks to learning techniques in water and soil conservation and through the introduction of disease resistant high yield crops.

Your participation and generosity makes a difference to our partner churches and schools in Kenya and West Africa.

Our friendship, prayer, encouragement and generosity as a diocese enable our partner churches and schools to express their faith in action. Every penny you give goes directly to our partners. Administration costs are covered by the Diocesan Overseas Council. Please join our diocesan family’s effort and do what you can.

Donate to our Harvest Appeal by clicking or tapping here