Diocese of Chichester

Pilgrim to the Holy Land this Advent

Join Bishop Martin this Advent as he leads us on a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Launching on 29 November, journey with him in daily podcasts, which will include a reading and a reflection.

On 24 nov 2021

In Bishop

By Bishop Martin

The Bishop's planned pilgrimage to the Holy Land had to be postponed due to travel restrictions. He is working closely with Lightline Pilgrimages to establish a new future date when we hope that the physical pilgrimage can take place.

For this Advent the Bishop will use the period when pilgrims would have been in Galilee and Jerusalem to reflect on the holy places and to pray for the people of the Holy Land who have also been and continue to face extraordinary challenges. 

Each day when we would have been in the Holy Land, Bishop Martin will bring one of the featured pilgrim sites to life with a daily podcast which will include a reading and a reflection. These will be posted daily on the diocesan website between 29 November - 6 December forming an online Advent Holy Land pilgrimage which everyone can share in.

The podcasts will be available on Soundcloud here