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GiftAid & tax-effective giving

Changes to Gift Aid happening right now

2016 sees further changes to Gift Aid - with a revised declaration wording. You need take no action in respect of donors who have already indicated that you can reclaim tax on their donations (unless their tax status has changed) but new donors should use the new form of words. For more guidance, follow the link in the yellow box on the right.

General information about Gift Aid

On this page, we provide links to various internet locations to help you find useful information about Gift Aid. Websites often change, and so you may find broken links. If you do, could you kindly let us know? You can contact us using the link at the top left corner of this page.

Background information: The government encourages taxpayers to give generously to charity by providing a number of tax incentives that benefit either the charity or the individual donor.

Here are some internet sites worth looking at:

  • The CofE's Parish Resources site - this link is specifically the Gift Aid section, but the whole site is good
  • Tax-Effective Giving - a website run by the Institute of Fundraising, which explores many different aspects of giving in a tax efficient way
  • HMRC - this is a link about Gift Aid for charities
  • HMRC - this is a link about Gift Aid for individual donors

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Changes to Gift Aid in 2016

Changes to HMRC's rules and procedures for Gift Aid - click here