Diocese of Chichester


Our diocese has eight lay places and five clergy (proctor) places to fill on General Synod for the next five-year term 2021-2026.

Nominations have now closed.

Voting opens on 17 September and votes have to be cast by 11.59pm on Friday 8 October 2021.

Below in alphabetical order is a list of the candidates for each House and the election statements they submitted.

House of Clergy Candidates

  • The Reverend Andrew Birks
  • The Reverend Stephen Burston
  • The Revd Canon Archie Coates
  • The Reverend Canon Andrew Cornes
  • The Very Reverend Lee Duckett
  • The Reverend Arwen Mary Folkes
  • The Reverend Jonathan Frais
  • The Reverend Canon Mark Gilbert
  • The Reverend Lucy Hollingsworth
  • The Venerable Luke Irvine-Capel
  • The Reverend Anthony Murley
  • The Reverend Robert Norbury
  • The Reverend Danny Pegg
  • The Reverend Martin Poole
  • The Reverend Canon Mark Jonathan Standen
  • The Reverend Martha Grace Weatherill
  • The Reverend Celia Woodruff

House of Laity Candidates

  • Mr Martin Auton-Lloyd
  • Mr Luke Brotherton
  • Mrs Catherine Butcher
  • Mr Ian Edgson
  • Dr Simon Eyre
  • Mrs Camilla Foottit
  • Mr David Fordham
  • Ms Helen Hart
  • Mr John Heaton
  • Mr Gary Holland
  • Mr Tom Limebear
  • Mr Ian Macdowell
  • Mr Mark Mangan
  • Mrs Sue McNeill
  • Mrs Valerie Mighall
  • Mrs Mary Philippa Nagel
  • Mrs Ruth Nares
  • Mr Nigel Nash
  • Mrs Tina Nay
  • Mrs Sharon Phillips
  • Mr Tim Reid
  • Dr Karen Rose
  • Mr Ben Scott
  • Mr Bradley Smith
  • Mrs Dawn Styles
  • Miss Elisabeth Telcs
  • Mr Richard Thirkell
  • Mr Michael Thomas
  • Mr John Vernon
  • Mr Jacob Vince
  • Miss Sarah White
  • Mr Christopher Willis
  • Mrs Yvonne Linda Marie Wright

The importance of General Synod

The General Synod debates issues of religious and public importance, considers and approves both new forms of worship and national legislation that affects all parts of the Church of England, and approves the budget for the work of the Church of England at national level. Issues to be decided over the next 5 years include; the vision and strategy of the Church of England, the recovery from Covid, potential new governance structures for the church, sustaining the vitality of parish life, rural issues, safeguarding (in particular arrangements for independence), violence to women, anti-racism, living in love and faith, the Archbishop’s Housing Commission, children and families, the profile of women in the church and much more.

Appeals Process

Any elector has the right to appeal against the determination that the nomination of a candidate is valid. For details of the appeals process see here.

Guidance on the Method of Voting in General Synod elections

Please see here (paper forms) and here (online) for guidance on the method of voting in General Synod elections (the single transferable vote). Guidance for electors on how to ‘drag and drop’ in order to complete the online voting form can be found here.

Who can Vote?

Qualified electors can vote in the General Synod election. They are Assistant Bishops and deanery synod members (not co-opted members) who were in post in the Diocese of Chichester at 6am on 13 July 2021. For full details of the qualifications of electors, see the information about proposers and seconders here.

General Synod member time commitments and expense claims

Please see Information for Candidates for the General Synod dates and time commitments and the Expenses Policy detailing the expenses, including overnight stays, that can be claimed.

Provision / Publication of Electors’ and Candidates’ details

Please note that the Presiding Officer of the General Synod election is required to provide the electors’ (Deanery Synod members’) names, addresses and email addresses to candidates standing for the General Synod election if they request them. When thinking about standing for election, please note that the election rules require that: candidates’ names, addresses and years of birth appear on the voting form; election addresses appear on the diocesan website and election portal; and successfully elected candidates’ names, addresses, email addresses and years of birth appear on the diocesan website.

Contact: Anne-Marie Mizler

Email: anne-marie.mizler@chichester.anglican.org

Telephone: 01273 425 682