Diocese of Chichester

Year of the Old Testament - online book group on the first two books of the Bible

Year of the Old Testament - ‘Proclaiming the Mystery of Faith’ is the headline title for the three-year programme that has now started in the diocese.

11 jan 2023. 12:20 p.m.


29 nov 2023. midnight

2023 will be kept as a Year of the Old Testament and 2024 as a Year of the New Testament.

These will prepare us for a special Year of Faith in 2025 which marks both 1700 years of the Council of Nicaea and 950 years of Christian mission in the diocese based in Chichester.

The Year of the Old Testament will include:

  • A Lent course in which different authors share perspectives on the Old Testament, paying close attention to the relevant biblical passages and the way they have been used in the Christian tradition, with reference to relevant art and music.
  • A series of seminars to be conducted online which will look at various books of the Bible such as Exodus, the Psalms, the Song of Songs and Isaiah, with some added sessions for those who would like to take their study to a deeper level. (Details to be confirmed in the New Year) 
  • And finally a fortnightly online book group on the first two books of the Bible: ‘Reading Genesis and Exodus as Christian Scripture for Today’s Church’.

If you are interested in the online book group, here are some further details:

This is afternoon and evening group which will be led jointly by The Revd Marc Lloyd (Rector of Warbleton, Bodle Street Green & Dallington, who has written and taught on a wide range of biblical and theological subjects) and by The Revd Thomas Pelham (Rector of Burwash, Burwash Weald & Etchingham, who is part of the podcasting team at Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs).

We will aim to read these books with and for the church, seeking to encounter Christ and consider the New Testament fulfilment of these texts, as well as their contemporary relevance. These sessions will enable participants to engage deeply with these seminal books by looking at the big picture and reading key passages closely. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

This group will take place through the year on Zoom at approximately fortnightly intervals (excluding Lent, August and Advent). Sessions are from 1:30pm to 2:45pm and 7:45pm to 9pm on Wednesdays.

Each session will include a set Bible text, which participants are asked to read and think about in advance. No further reading will be required but suggestions will be available.

Anyone is welcome at any session, and of course you may not be able to make every one, but we hope as far as possible to have a settled group for the sessions on Genesis or Exodus or both.

Genesis sessions: 11th Jan (Invitation, introduction – Jesus quotes the Torah – Matthew 22:23-40); 25th Jan; 8th Feb; 19th April; 3rd May; 17th May; 7th June; 21st June; 5th July; 19th July.

Exodus sessions: 6th Sept; 20th Sept; 4th Oct; 18th Oct; 1st Nov; 15th Nov; 29th Nov

If you are interested, please contact The Revd Marc Lloyd: marc_lloyd@hotmail.com