Diocese of Chichester

The blessing of Oils and renewal of ordination commitment

This year the renewal of ordination commitment will be live-streamed on the Tuesday of Holy Week (Tuesday 30 March) at 12.00 noon from Chichester Cathedral. This is the link to put in your browser. https://vimeo.com/524341249 You will see a post that says This event is scheduled for March 30 at 12 noon.

30 mar 2021. 12:26 p.m.


31 mar 2021. midnight



The oils will be blessed on the morning of Maundy Thursday at a celebration of the Eucharist that will be restricted for that purpose.The distribution of oils will be available at Archdeaconry celebrations of Baptism and Confirmation that  will take place on 24 - 27 May at 7.00pm. More on those services here TBC