Diocese of Chichester

Tackling the Tough Stuff - for Larger Anglican Churches


17 oct 2019. midnight


17 oct 2019. midnight

The eighth National Larger Anglican Churches Consultation (NLACC) will take place on 15-17 October 2019 at High Leigh, Hertfordshire.

This is a unique opportunity for leaders of larger Anglican churches (usual Sunday attendance of 350+) to network and receive focused teaching on the leadership challenges that are specific to the larger church context.

Research has shown both the strategic significance of larger churches within the UK and also the critical role played by leadership within larger churches.

The theme of the 2019 consultation is 'Tackling the Tough Stuff'. It is the case that there are a number of challenges uniquely faced by leaders of larger churches, which need to be tackled well in order for mission and ministry to be released and nurtured. This consultation will provide an opportunity for leaders to address several of these, including the challenges of building senior teams and nurturing resilience in leadership.

This consultation is participant-driven and highly interactive - but key contributions will be offered by a range of well known and respected leaders.

Within the space of 48 hours, delegates will have the chance to gain a fresh perspective on some of the key issues commonly faced by leaders of larger churches and to:

Receive high-quality Bible teaching and input from a wide range of speakers. Meet and network with other leaders of larger churches. Address the key leadership issues affecting larger churches, which are seldom dealt with anywhere else. Learn from the example and experience of leaders in similar contexts. Be refreshed by time out and spiritual feeding through word and worship. Be inspired for the journey ahead in the place God has called you to. Explore issues of strategic future importance.

Cost: £290 (£250 Early Bird offer - Expires 22 April 2019) Link to booking here