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Engaging Christianity


‘Engaging Christianity’ is a course that offers a series of modules produced by the Department of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Chichester in partnership with the Diocese of Chichester. What is meant by ‘Engaging Christianity’ is both critical examination and more contemplative explorations of Christian belief and practice. It is taken for granted that ‘Engaging Christianity’ is also about other religions. Christianity has never existed in a vacuum. Learning about other religions provides greater understanding of other belief systems as well as a deeper understanding of the Christian tradition, its history, development and connections.

From art in Christian and other religious traditions, issues of religious diversity, to Christian spirituality past and present, ‘Engaging Christianity’ encourages a stimulating engagement through individual study and group discussion. The modules are designed to enable volunteers to run small groups in their local community. A group can be started up at any time and with any of the modules listed below. The modules are designed for a range of abilities and backgrounds: anyone is free to join! No prior knowledge is required.

In taking any one of the modules you will be given a booklet consisting of material for seven sessions with the option of a further three. Each module is £15 per person.

How it Works:

If you are interested in running a particular module, see if there is interest in your local community/parish/church to start a group. Once you have a group, you can contact Heather Ballamy with your choice of module and list of participants, to order the booklets each participant will need to undertake the module.

Each module is £15 per person.

You will need to identify your own venue, the cost of which will need to be spread across the participants.

If you are keen to undertake a module and are not interested in leading a group, you might want to speak to other people in your local community/parish/church who you think might be interested. Speak to the clergy in your area and see if they might be able to suggest a possible group leader. You can also get in touch with Samantha Alsop, Adult Education and Youth Services Administration Officer, for information about which groups are running and where.

If you are running a group in your local area, why not see if you can advertise for more participants through your local churches, clergy, websites, community venues?

If you would like further information on anything related to the modules, would like to offer feedback, or have any other issues, please feel free to contact Hannah M. Strømmen, Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies, University of Chichester.

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