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Praying for the world

Intercession is a form of prayer. Every day, we try to pray for the world beyond the immediate vicinity and friendship networks of the church community.

On this page (see the panel on the right) you can find the downloadable quarterly intercessions file in A4 format, including provinces and dioceses prayed for across the Anglican Communion; festivals, saints' days, and commemorations according to the Common Worship calendar.

We also pray for each local church in the diocese. These parishes are prayed for specially in the Cathedral on the day they appear. The parish congregration are invited to attend Evensong at Chichester Cathedral on that day.

Please email Sue Atkins if you wish to include something in the intercession list or require the intercessions in a different format.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

A full list of provinces and dioceses to be prayed for appears on the Anglican Communion website (you can find their website in the panel on the right).