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More detail on local church finances

Parish finances

Every Church of England parish is an independent charity established by Parliament.  Each parish is governed by a Parochial Church Council (PCC) that publishes its own annual report and accounts for each calendar year, usually in April once these have been approved by the annual meeting of church members. Copies of the latest report and accounts can be obtained from the PCC Treasurer.  The reports from larger parishes are also available on the Charity Commission website.

Each parish raises its own income, mainly from the regular gifts of church members, supplemented by legacies, fundraising events & appeals, hall hire, wedding & funeral fees, investment income etc.  Each parish pays a contribution ("parish share") to the Diocese towards the costs of a number of services that are administered at diocesan (or regional) level. These services include clergy pay, pensions, housing, training and a range of other professional services. The parish pays for all its own running expenses (charitable giving, utilities, clergy working expenses, repairs, printing, outreach projects, etc).

The Diocese

The Diocese of Chichester is the administrative support body for the Church of England in Sussex. Its full name is "The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance (Incorporated)" and is legally both a charity (registered no 243134) and company (registered no 133588) limited by guarantee (ie non-profit). It publishes its statutory annual report and accounts with a year end of 31st December on the Charity Commission's website, where the last 5 years reports can be downloaded. A more useful version of the Diocese's management accounts is published in the annual "Red Book", and in the annual budget.

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The Church of England

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At a national level, the Archbishops' Council serves General Synod (the Church's parliament), organises clergy training, and provides numerous specialist support services to dioceses and parishes.  It is funded by contributions from the dioceses - Chichester currently pays about £700,000 a year.  There is a good summary of how the different parts of the Church are funded at the Funding the Church of England pages.