Diocese of Chichester

This year the Diocese has recorded a series of Advent reflections which will be available as podcasts throughout the Advent season.

A range of people have written and recorded their own personal reflections from Nine Lessons and Carols. This theme was chosen to reflect how Christmas may not be as we hope but the message of the Gospel remains unchanged.

The series is launched with an introductory podcast recorded by Bishop Martin.

Please enjoy these reflections:

1/12 Reader - Victoria Larley

Genesis 3: 8-19 God tells sinful Adam that he has lost the life of Paradise and that his seed will bruise the serpent's head.

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3/12 Revd Josh Delia

Genesis 22: 15-18 God promises to faithful Abraham that in his seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.

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5/12 Archdeacon Edward Dowler

Isai Dah 9: 2; 6-7 The prophet foretells the coming of the Saviour

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8/12 Reader - Claire Levin

Micah 5.2-4 The prophet foretells the place and the tribe from where salvation will come.

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10/12 Revd Mark Rodger

Isaiah 11: 1-3a; 4a; 6-9 The peace that Christ will bring is foreshown.

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12/12 Archdeacon Martin Lloyd Williams

Isaiah 60. 1-6, 19 -22 – The prophet describes the light of the saviour for the whole world

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15/12 Reader - Peter Shears

Luke 1: 26-35; 38 The angel Gabriel salutes the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can look at the painting of the Annunciation by Fra Lippi

while listening here

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17/12 Revd Hannah Milne

Matthew 1: 18-25 The angel visits Joseph

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19/12 Archdeacon Luke Irvin-Capel

Luke 2: 1-7 St Luke tells of the birth of Jesus.

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22/12 Revd Sarah Van den driessche

Luke 2: 8-16 The shepherds go to the manger.

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23/12 + Ruth Bushyager

Matthew 2: 1-12 The wise men are led by the star to Jesus.

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24/12 + Will Hazlewood

John 1: 1-14 St John unfolds the great mystery of the Incarnation.

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Preparing for Advent & Christmas 2020: Comfort and Joy from The Church of England

Comfort and Joy holds together the hope that Christmas will bring joy and celebration after a uniquely difficult year with an acknowledgement that – for those who have lost loved ones or livelihoods, or who are potentially still not able to be together with loved ones – it may be the Church’s role, both nationally and locally, to provide consolation, rather than assume everyone will be ready to join in jubilation. More here.

Advent Adventure

Our very own Nick Taylor has worked with Perry May to produce this fantastic Advent resource targeted at children and younger youth. You can purchase these online by clicking here
Bulk discounts are available, for more information contact Nick Taylor - nick.taylor@chanctonbury.org.uk