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Pastoral Care and Counselling

Sussex Downs

The journey of ministry can be stormy, scary, turbulent. It can also sometimes be alarming, frightening and a lonely place. As a diocese we feel it is very important that you have access to the support that you need. Clergy and their families at times walk on a very real tightrope, with many demands upon us. There will be times when we need pastoral care and support, and what we need will be different for all of us.

Pastoral care and support will rightly take a number of different forms for us all, depending on the situation. Commonly, it can include:

  • Listening
  • Encouraging and enabling
  • Exploring practical solutions and available support
  • Empowerment

At times, of course, the provision of Counselling will be an agreed solution.

This pastoral care policy has been written with the insight gained from the online clergy survey which was completed at the end of 2015.

One of the most pressing concerns identified was the need for a Pastoral Care Adviser, a trained counsellor to triage, signpost and support the most appropriate course of action. In February 2017 our new Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling, Rebekah Golds-Jones, started in post.

The diocesan structures should not merely be for administrative purposes, but also work at a pastoral level. The pastoral well-being of clergy is something that will be in the Role Description of every rural dean, archdeacon and bishop. MDR will also provide a regular opportunity for all licensed clergy to reflect on their life and ministry with a senior member of staff. Training needs can be discussed with Revd Dr Tim Watson (CMD Officer) at Tim.Watson@chichester.anglican.org

The pastoral care policy has been designed to be user friendly for clergy and members of their families, to avoid the need for wading through the whole policy to discover the information that you require. Whilst there are Christian-specific organisations mentioned, there are also links to the statutory sector and secular charities too, in recognition that some people may be happier dealing with certain issues completely out of the church. Some links take you to national organisations, but we also direct you to local support and organisations, which may be the most effective place to begin. The policy is categorised, so you can simply go straight to the place you need and click on the hyperlink.

This policy will be updated and further links and resources will be added from time to time. Please contact Rebekah if you have a helpful resource you’d like to share with others, at rebekah.goldsjones@chichester.anglican.org

Pastoral care fundamentally is relational with a focus on enabling one another to know, love and follow Jesus.

Archdeacon Fiona and Rebekah Golds-Jones, Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling.

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West Sussex

Appointments with Rebekah, Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling, are held at:

Sussex Office, 1-3 High Street, Arundel, West Sussex

BN18 9AD

Tel: 01903 884663 (administrator only)

East Sussex

Appointments with Rebekah, Officer for Pastoral Care & Counselling, (currently) held at:

Phoenix Centre, 26 Malling Street, Lewes, East Sussex


Tel: (01273) 472005 (administrator only)

Pastoral Care and Counselling

Rebekah Golds-Jones - Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling
provides pastoral care and counselling for clergy and their families, including wellbeing groups and education

To get in contact Email or call 07387026041

How to refer to Pastoral Care and Counselling

Referral form
Referral pathway

A list of advisers and people who may be able to help

Click or tap an email link below to send an email. All diocesan email addresses follow the convention firstname.lastname @chichester.anglican.org (no spaces)

Safeguarding issues

Colin Perkins - Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. If you have general safeguarding concerns or queries email or call 01273 425792 / 07500 771210

Morag Keane - Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor. Email or call 07881 580310

Gemma Wordsworth - Independent Sexual and Domestic Violence Adviser provides emotional and practical support to those who have experienced abuse and can be contacted by email or call 01273 421021 extn 151 or 07468 698990

Training needs

Tim Watson is the CMD officer. Email him to discuss training needs or financial support for counselling.

Rebecca Swyer is the Director for Apostolic Life and oversees Curates' training and can be contacted by email.

Retired or soon-to-retire clergy

Jonathan Prichard coordinates support to retired clergy in the diocese. Email

Female clergy

Ann Waizeneker is the Dean of Women’s Ministry and can be contacted by email or by phone on 01273 965303

Spirituality and prayer

Andrew Mayes - Spirituality adviser - email or phone 01323 892964

Other contacts

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