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Archbishops call on parishes to pray for Thy Kingdom Come

Archbishops call on parishes to pray for Thy Kingdom Come

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are asking all diocese to engage with Thy Kingdom Come 2018, and mobilise parishes to pray in every parish over the week leading up to Pentecost 2018.

Rob Dillingham, Diocesan Parish Development Officer explains how parishes can get involved and join in this our diocesan Year of Prayer. "In 2016 we asked each parish to think of one thing to move their parish forward in line with the Diocesan strategy. We saw so many churches engaging with this, resulting in many exciting and innovative projects springing up across the Diocese. To build on this success and participate in the national initiative, we would like every parish to identify 'one thing' they are going to do to engage with Thy Kingdom Come this year as we focus on our diocesan Year of Prayer."

We would like you to please tell us what you are planning to do for your “One Pentecost thing” and also encourage as many people to sign up on the pledge to prayer web page and share activities on social media. https://www.thykingdomcome.global/#Pledge2PrayCoun... .

Email you activities to Rob Dillingham - Let’s all join together with the Archbishop’s to pray for thy kingdom to come in our diocese.

Join us for music and worship at Chichester Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday 20 May - see Bishop Richard's invite here