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"Through life, through death, to the glory of heaven."

"Through life, through death, to the glory of heaven."

Graham Sutherland painting provides inspiration for Bishop's Easter Video Message:

"Through life, through death, to the glory of heaven."

In his video Easter message for this year, the Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, gives a vivid insight into the significance of a Graham Sutherland painting housed in Chichester Cathedral's Mary Magdalene Chapel.

Standing in front of the painting known as Noli me tangere [Do not cling to me] Dr Warner explains the wonderful interaction between Jesus and Mary Magdalene after the resurrection.

In the biblical story, Mary Magdalene only recognises the risen Jesus when he calls her by her name. Jesus then says to her: "Do not cling to me", for he has a not yet ascended into heaven.

Sutherland depicts the scene between the two central characters on a staircase and Dr Warner is clearly both delighted and challenged by this interpretation of events which took place in Jerusalem shortly after the first Easter morning.

Against a backdrop of international uncertainty, Dr Warner commends the painting as a reminder that the Easter message is "much more than about the past."

"Jesus blazes a trail for us; he is always with us; he fills our hearts with joy," explains the Bishop.

Pointing in the painting to the interaction between the risen Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Bishop believes that the risen Christ is saying to each person: "come with me through life, through death to the glory of heaven".

You can watch Bishop Martin's Easter message here on Youtube