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Fracking debate should be "more challenging"

Fracking debate should be "more challenging"

Bishop believes Fracking debate should be "more challenging"

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, said this morning that the fracking debate raises huge questions about our contemporary lifestyle and called for a more challenging and therefore informed debate around the issue.

Dr Warner says: "It is easy, but also dangerous, to claim the moral high ground in complex debate about the environment and our quest for new energy sources.  The rich resources that fracking can unlock come with some questionable consequences, both for the present and the future."

The Bishop says that he had heard assurances that fracking might release energy to supply many years of consumption. 

But, he adds: "This raises other concerns. Is our present consumption of energy justifiable (not simply sustainable)?  And do we know what we shall say to the rising generation of 40 years’ time about the greed with which we have consumed the earth’s resources and left them with considerably less?"

Dr Warner calls for wider and deeper debate in our communities: "The debate behind the fracking protest needs to be more challenging.  We should be asking deeper questions about our own lifestyle today.  How much less can we demand from the earth and still live rich and fulfilled lives?  What investment should we be making in alternative uses of our resources that will benefit future generations?"