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“We all want growth, in depth and breadth, and it is happening in many places. It is never accidental and always through the grace of God. But we still need to think clearly about it.”

Archbishop Justin, commenting on the paper 'What Makes For A Good Diocesan Mission Strategy' by The Ven Bob Jackson.

What is the Diocesan Strategy?

Our strategy has three principal strands which match the Church of England's goals agreed at General Synod. The three strands are:

 A PDF of the strategy leaflet (the Diocesan Vision for Growth - not good for printing, because of the paper size) can be downloaded by clicking or tapping here.

'One Thing' for 2016

Some of the parish projects that have been identified are listed here

The Bishop's Charge 2015 - Our Life in Christ

A brief summary document (2 pages) can be downloaded here.

The full text of the Charge is in five sections:


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Strategy Video

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