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Who's who in Apostolic Life?

The Bishop of Chichester
Bishop Martin Warner
Tel: 01243 782161

Head of Department 

Director for Apostolic Life
Rebecca Swyer
Tel: 01273 425015

Deputy Director of Apostolic Life
Rob Dillingham
Tel: 07341 564304

Executive Secretary
Zoë Smith
Tel: 01273 425011

Strategic Development Projects Officer
Nick Adlam
Tel: 01273 425028

Strategic Project Coordinator
Nakita Ainsworth
Tel: 01273 421021

Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling
Rebekah Golds-Jones
Tel: 07387 026041

Diocesan Director of Ordinands
Dan Inman
Tel: 01273 425014

PA to Diocesan Director of Ordinands

Wendy Greenan
Tel: 01273 425698

Officer for Lay Vocation and Ministry
Jayne Prestwood
Tel: 01273 425016

Diocesan Youth Officer
Dan Jenkins
Tel: 01273 425012

PA to Diocesan Youth Officer and Officer for Lay Vocation and Ministry
Samantha Alsop
Tel: 01273 425041

Children & Family Work Adviser
Irene Smale
Tel: 01273 425013

Fundraising & Sustainability Officer
Lawrence MacLean
Tel: 01273 203862

Diocesan Spirituality Adviser
Andrew Mayes
Tel: 01323 892964

Continuing Ministerial Development Officer
Tim Watson
Tel: 01273 421021

MDR Coordinator
Ruth McBrien
Tel: 01273 421021

Young Vocations Officer
Robert Norbury
Tel: 01273 727362

Vocations Officer
Paul Redparth
Tel: 01892 668188

Youth Leadership Development Officer
Dani Taylor
Tel: 07827 275670

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