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The Diocesan Harvest Appeal for 2016/17

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Rebuilding Lives: Encouraging Community
A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to last year’s Harvest Appeal. The donations were in excess of £30,000 and this was a big increase from previous years. 

This year we are hoping to match that figure to be able to continue with the good work. For example the Diocesan Overseas Council was able to send £7,000 to Bo Sierra Leone to help buy seeds and tools to support agricultural community projects and help to rebuild lives. 

You can read about the fruits of that encouraging projects in the orange column on the right and see how
the money has been put to good use. So please support our Harvest Appeal this year. 

Bishop Mark writes:
The heart-rending scenes of Ebola-stricken towns and villages have left our television screens. The struggle for children and families, traumatised by bereavement and loss of security, does not make headline news but it remains the daily reality for many of the people with whom the Diocese of Chichester is linked. Families, some of whom have lost their bread-winners, or their children and their livelihood need to rebuild their lives. Schools, businesses, clinics and other facilities have all to be reestablished after forced closure and local economies need to be reconstructed. This year
our Harvest Appeal is directed at enabling people to rebuild their future so as to bring new hope not simply to their families, but to the communities and networks of which they are members. 

Please support this year's Harvest Appeal and help individuals and their communities not to be overcome by the crushing blows of personal and material loss, but to find new hope, not least through the generous support of the Church in Sussex. 

+Mark Horsham.

Read and download a copy of the Harvest Appeal Leaflet which has a Gift Aid form on the back page - click here

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